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Loved it

Greats game

Insult to the First Two

As a huge fan of the first two KOP&P games, I was pretty psyched when I saw this one had come out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to the high expectations established by the first two. The writing, to start, isn’t as witty or funny as the other games. I found there to be more misses than hits in terms of the humor, and the quirky-charm dialogue of the first two games just doesn’t exist here. However, the main problem with the game is in the side quest system. It’s a shame that they ruined the once interesting, unique, and rewarding system the first two games had and replaced it with a horribly boring “create your own quest” gimmick. The problem with this system is that there are only 4 or so type of side quests, and they have no story or originality whatsoever, getting repetitive by the 4th or 5th mission. Overall, repetitive is a good word to describe this game. If you like what you do at the start, great. Get ready to do that 10,000 times until you complete the game. If you get the itch for a good mobile RPG, you’re much better off playing the first two than this game.

iPhone X support

I am loving the game very much. I wish we could just get some support for the iPhone X screen. Please make this happen with the next update?

Excellent Game

This is likely my favorite game from the franchise. It's only real downside is a few bugs here and there, none of which are game breaking. The combat can be very challenging and requires thought at times, which is an improvement from the somewhat repetitive combat in previous titles. The story is very interesting and has had me eagerly racing towards the conclusion. The best part in my opinion is the exploration of each world. The levels of the individual planets and spaces rations are designed well in that you exploration is often rewarded with in game items and some funny dialogue. I would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of tabletop RPGs or the previous games in this series.

Really Sad

What happened? The first two games were amazing. But this one? Hurts to know I played full price for something I don’t even want to finish. Bugs, glitches, terrible game play. It gets boring using the same skills with no level ups at all.

Boring let down

Don’t go into this game expecting a repeat of Knights of Pen and Paper which was amazing. They messed with the combat so much that it is a completely different game now. So long as you don’t buy it, you won’t be disappointed in this game.

Really boring

I tried to play this for a whole week. Really gave my best effort to get into it. Alas, the game is extremely boring. Weak plot and writing. Not funny. Poor character development system. Can’t do much to customize your characters or go for unique builds. You can only use four skills and you can’t even level up the skills, which make leveling up and getting skill point useless early in the game. And you can’t play in portrait mode. They should have stuck with the format of the original pen and paper games. That would have made for a much more successful game overall. Major disappointment!

What a letdown!

Uninspired and worst of the trilogy. Do not waste your money like I did.

Complete let down

I was thoroughly impressed with the first KOPAP game and obsessively played the second one, but about ten minutes into this one and I knew it wouldn’t even hold a candle to the games of past. The missions aren’t as interesting in this one and the way they went about incorporating reputation into “creating” new missions wasn’t enjoyable for me. I despised what has been done with character skill charts in every way, shape and form. Other than the game having good visuals and the cool space battle implementation, I couldn’t have been more disappointed in this game.


This game isn't fun at all it feels like a they just got half way done with it then sent it out

Cannot recommend.

The only good game in this series is the original. They say that this game is supposed to throw back and be as good as the first one, but it is stale and repetitive. The combat just doesn't feel polished and there is no way to improve your skills. You can use up to four at a time and once you find the four that match your play style you have dozens of skill points that do nothing. It completely weakens the feeling of progress. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, especially fans of the original.


I loved knights of pen and paper but this game can only be played in landscape making it almost impossible to read and know what’s going on will give a higher rating if we ever get to play in portrait like the other pen and paper games but I highly doubt that’ll ever happen

Starfinder mobile

I was very excited when I saw this because I just started playing paizo's newest rpg installment, Starfinder! This is basically a virtual version, and that's a beautiful thing.

Too many bugs

I was bought this game at just launched. But too many bugs. Some bugs is very critical crash.

An Indie Game With A Lot Of Charm

I really like what Behold Studios tried to do with this game. I think they succeeded 100% with the writing, but I admit the quest system has some rough edges to it. However I think overall this is an enjoyable game and well worth the price. I also appreciate that the devs have been pretty good about fixing bugs as they pop up.

Sadly disappointed

I loved Pen and Paper, so I was so excited when I found out that there was Pen and Paper but in space. I was horribly let down. The bug/glitch issue was so bad when I first started that I thought the team was bought out by a AAA game publisher and they were told they needed to have the game out whether or not it worked. Whatever money comes in just works for them since it is a five dollar game. I fail to understand how the class system in the game has less than its predecessor. The witty humor in the falls flat, and the overarching story could have been better. I thought about giving the game two stars but once I saved my progress my game crashed.

Great game but

So I love this game, loved the knights of pen and paper (both) but since this update when I load the game and start my save, everything is black. I'd appreciate it if y'all could fix it.

Game killing bugs

WONDERFUL game, with utterly devastating bugs. My save with hours of play on it is destroyed, due to a known issue... as soon as they update and fix it, this will be 5 stars. But until then - stay away. The game is too unstable

An amazing love letter to old sci-fi content.

Love the game

Slow combat. Buggy.

This game has a lot of potential and when they fix what's wrong I will change it to 5 stars. The game has a huge progress breaking bug in which you will load a Save game and the game will randomly halt and prevent you from taking any actions. And it's permanent. Nothing you can do to progress. Permanent black screen with the players loaded at the bottom. When the game does play, the combat is soooooooo slow. The entire thing could easily be speeded up by about 50% just from making attack frame rate quicker. Also. You don't get enough player slots to use each class. And there are too many skills and only 4 skill slots. So making a build is a mess.

Wanted to Love This (Updated)

Update: The last patch has fixed my previous issue with the game. I can continue playing my old save file now. Though this game was very buggy at release, the devs seem to be pretty responsive. Old:So I have 11 hrs in this game so far. I loved Knights of Pen and Paper so much and was so excited for this. However, this game is a buggy mess. Constant graphic problems, slow loading, things just not loading, missing images (Mars was just a big white box), and now my save file just won't load. I'm playing on an iphone7 btw. I was still enjoying the game, despite the many technical flaws, but now I cannot recommend it at all after I just lost 11 hours. Please test your games before you release them. Content wise, this game is definitely not as good as knights. The classes are not different enough and I fee very limited by the skill structure. It is still charming, but lacking compared to knights.

Great game, as always.

This game lid a love letter to fans of sci-fi, video games and rpgs. I really like all of the references, split paths and character interactions. My only hope is to get some post game content. This game is a must play, and it might just bring you to play the others. Edit: I had a game soft lock that ended in the file unable to load, but they fixed it right after I sent the report, so bonus points on that.

Needs to be Mobile Optimized.

This sequel is sorely lacking in many of the things that made the original 2 games great. But first, the good stuff: the music is great: campy synths recall many sci-fi greats. The pixel art is arguably better here than anyone else, especially the scenery, which is vastly improved. The storyline is as clever and fun as always. Nothing to write home about, but you'll get a few chuckles out of it. The overall gameplay is different, but solid: you've now got a front and back line system, and several classes to choose from. Here's where it starts to break down. Instead of several skills to level up and respec to experiment with as the game progresses, you've got a huge list of skills available to everyone, and unique ones to classes (with some crossover there as well). You're also limited to 4 skills, including passive. As you level up you gain points to purchase these skills. This means you're not leveling up skills, so much as buying new ones and experimenting with synergies. It's an interesting idea, but it's a downgrade for me. I personally prefer tons of unique classes with unique skills, and min maxing them as I progress, experimenting as I go along. You can do the same here, but once you find some good synergy, there's little motivation to go back and set up new ones on ALL your characters. It'd be a 4 out of 5 for me if it were a similar game to the previous with just different RPG gameplay. However, this game is clearly ported from PC. It seems to have been intended to be "bigger and better". But on mobile, the text and distance between spaces is all too large. You lose what made the first two fantastic mobile games: they were designed for mobile. Here the game is only landscape, all the menus have a slight delay to them that make it feel much less responsive than the previous two, and the overall design is just much more cluttered. More complex and less intuitive icons with empty space everywhere and cramped toolbars make for a subpar experience. I'm not sure if the delays are just a part of design or actual performance hitches, but KoPaP 1/2 plays incredibly smoothly compared to this, with a tight, cohesive visual style to boot. It's a shame too, because most people are fans of this studio for their mobile focus, creating experiences you could spend dozens or hundreds of hours on with your phone, and this game is clearly not optimized for that. I applaud the devs for their premium approach, and I'm happy with my 5 dollar purchase, but this game has forced me to look at their next projects with a more discerning eye.

Font is too small

The game has two basic elements; Text & Menu navigation. This is an iOS rpg which has a default font size is something like 8 points; and there's not option to adjust in settings! Likewise the character building screen is full of obtuse icons and the same small font making character building a painful chore. I can't be bothered to level my characters due to how taxing the process is on my eyes. If they fix these problems I'll Change my review; Until then avoid this game at all costs.

A masterpiece!

This is a wonderful game and a great evolution of the mechanics from the Knights games. The writing, graphics, and music are all on point. The cultural references make it that much more of a joy to play.


Really cool game! Infinite side quests and super cool story line. Gets a bit repetitive in the middle but picks up again towards the end. Pretty long as well!

Poor addition to P and P world

I have no clue where the glowing reviews came from. I have spent dozens of hours playing pen and paper 1 & 2 and this sorry excuse is borderline unplayable. Hard to understand direction or goal, incredibly slow animation and loading times, unexciting skill "tree". Invested around two hours and just couldnt take anymore, deleting.

Inventive but boring

This game is fine but not nearly as good as the Knights of Pen & Paper games overall. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough in the story yet but there only only three races to choose from (why make a sci-fi fantasy game with only three playable races???), classes are fine but don't give you much indication of their use (maybe show a preview of class skills during character creation?), and the players' unique skills are either worthless or so specific that a worthy situation rarely arises. Inclusion of 3D maps and models is a weird aesthetic choice and, because of them, the loading times before space battles, going to and from planets, and warping to different systems gets tedious quickly. As for combat, I can't put my finger on it but it's really not that great compared to KoP&P. I'm sorry that's not helpful but it just feels kinda shallow and boring; xp is dolled out sparingly and auto-leveling stats takes pretty much any and all fun out of grinding. Space battles are great though, interestingly enough. They're way simpler but the random dice rolls for skill points makes it exciting when you go up against another ship with more hp and skill point potential than you; just because you're weaker doesn't mean you're going to lose and, often, you can win with a little bit of caution and patience (and luck, of course). As for the story, it's pretty much what you'd expect. You'll either read the dialogue for the occasional joke and meme reference or, if you're like me, you'll just tap the screen to blaze through it because it's not really that engaging or interesting. Your mission is always in the corner of the screen anyway so you can just check that after you skip the talking. All in all, the game is fine. Not great, not good, just fine. I'd give it a 2.5 stars if I could. I'm going to keep playing, of course; maybe I haven't gotten far enough to open up the game's full potential. I'll have to find out.

Solid rpg!

This game pleasantly surprised me in how it works and how it plays (since this is the only game of the pen and paper series I've played so far). Galaxy of pen and paper is a great experience that anyone who hasn't played it yet needs to. Have noticed a couple bugs, but nothing game breaking or worth noting. Also I love all the chroma squad references in this game.

Fun but bugs

Love knights of pen and paper and love this game. However navigation on the skill slotting screen is buggy and hard to navigate on phone devices. Please fix.

Excellent game

Really enjoy the game but hate that basically every enemy you ever fight has health regen because of shields. It's pretty tedious chipping away at enemies when shields regen every turn

Great but one little thing...

I'm loving this game so far. It's really fun but there's this bug in the title screen when I open the app where the music cuts off for a few seconds. It's not game breaking or anything but I thought I should probably say something.

No bugs, great game like usual

Played all the other pen and paper games and loved em. Gave this one a try despite the negative reviews of bugs but I have yet to experience any at all ;iPhone 6). Thanks for putting out a great new pen and paper game, love the new skill point system!

Great, but....

Game is fun, but the missions are killing me. You start a mission, but can't finish some, because the foe you have to fight is nowhere to be seen. Getting tired of this

Love this Series but...

I've sent a lot of bug reports about he end game bug where the game resets back to before the start of the end mission. Great game, still needs some polishing

Incredibly fun!

If you have not bought this yet, you're bad and you should feel bad. The 8-bit graphics are well-done enough to be appealing without being crappy. The storyline and gameplay are clean and are super interactive and fun.


It's amazing a game with a unique style and storyline

Feature request

Is there any chance of having game save data transferable via iCloud? I just bought an iPad and it was a little bit of a letdown when I opened the game and found out that I had to start a new game.

Captivating and immersive

One of the best mobile gaming experiences i've ever had. Anyone who is a fan of immersive single player RPGs and strategy will thoroughly enjoy this. Hope they come out with some expansions!

Good Mobile RPG

It isn't any Fallout or Planescape but it's a good mobile game that was worth it. Still wish the quests weren't Bethesda like where you just kill endless ships and enemies or fetch stuff. I give it, a 6 Sided Power cube out of a 5 sided power cube.

My review.

This game has truly given me my money's worth. Sure, I've come across a bug or two here and there but thankfully I didn't lose progress. Good money's worth for a game. Only suggestions would be to implement weapons and upgrading them (or just the option to upgrade gadgets that are currently available since it would be a lot more coding to introduce weapons). The gear is what made the previous games even more interesting when it came to character builds. If you and your studio can randomize the stats and effects on loot such as "10% chance to light enemies on fire (Class specific)" it would add many more hours in game time alone to farm for perfect gear. I know it's one heck of a leap to make coding wise but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Crashes after last boss

I'm 16 hours in at what I assume is the last boss. Every time I defeat the boss's second form I'm given an option as GM to do 3 things, and no matter what I choose the game freezes after with the music going but a blank screen. What a complete waste of time and money.

The game will crash and ruin your save game. You will waste your time.

I got to level 16 then the game froze on a loading screen. Now when I start my save game it just loads that screen and freezes. Started 2 new games and the same thing happened but much earlier in the game. Deleted a save file and started a 4th game. Crashed again at level 5. I'm running a 7+ with the latest update for iOS and the game. It was a fun game up to that point and would have been worth the $5 I spent, but when a game makes me waste hours and then I have to start over due to a bug it gets a 1 star rating because that is unacceptable. What ever happened to play testing and removing game ending bugs BEFORE the game is released?

Great Meta RPG

Going into this game, I expected a fun sci-fi RPG. That's what I got and more! The dialogue is humorous. There are great moments of meta humor that lighten up the game. Seriously worth the money! My only complaint was that near the end of the game your characters are fairly OP, but you could argue that's your reward for sticking around til the end. All in all a great game!

oh hell yes

this game was so much more than i expected..... dnd mechanics, star wars references, incredible storyline, awesome pixel graphics. i LOVE it.

Poor and boring

Poor gameplay and extremely boring, waste of money

Just for Clarification

Apparently some of you don't understand the difference between developer and publisher. Both "Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition" and "Galaxy of Pen & Paper" were by the same developer. "Knights of Pen & Paper 2", on the other hand, was by a different development team.

Great game

This game is has a amazing story and RPG

Fantastic game.

My computer recently broke so I've been playing a lot of mobile games lately and this game really stands out above the traditional mobile game and I just thought I should say that.

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